Assembly, Development And Debugging

The Need

Engineers in embedded development and low volume hand assembled PCBs are spending much of their work time locating component on PCBs wither for testing them or for assemble them. For many products, mostly low volume batches it is not economical to produce their PCB in automated production lines and they need hand assembly and inspection. These manual processes are subjected to human errors and it takes a long time to find the component location and orientation. Many of the embedded developers do not know the PCB layout and spend much of their time to locate the components they want to debug.

The Solution

EBO.sistant can help to verify that the correct component was placed and in the correct way 

EBO.sistant reduces
component search time and pointing at the exact location and orientation the component needs to be assembled

EBO.sistant can point on a component or a test point to be tested during development or tests 

Using EBO.sistant can also save the set-up time needed for pick & place machines in small factor PCB production batches. 

The Product

EBOsistant products will assist you in all manual electronic productions and with your electronics development and testing.


In order to notify the user about the next component to assemble or to inspect, EBO devices projects its location and orientation directly on the board.

About Us

EBOsistant was established to provide assistance in PCB, electronic boards and harnesses workout, assembly, debugging, testing and verification tasks.