About Us

EBOsistant was established to provide assistance in PCB, electronic boards and harnesses workout, assembly, debugging, testing and verification tasks.

Our team’s years of experience in leading production and development projects made us realize the necessity for a components locating device to operations such as:

Engineers in embedded development and low volume manual (hand) assembled PCBs are spending much of their work time locating components on PCBs for testing or for assembling.

For many products, mostly low volume batches, it is not economical to produce the PCB in automated production lines, instead they require hand assembly and visual inspection.

These manual processes are subject to human errors since it takes a long time to find each
component location and orientation.

Moreover, many of the embedded developers and QA testers are not familiar with the PCB
layout and consequently spend much of their time allocating the components they want to
debug or test.

EBOsistant was established in order to provide the most efficient solutions.